What is Fresh Era?

Fresh Era is a young professionals board founded and supported by Wolverine Human Services. We work to develop unique events that engage millennials to volunteer in support of the Detroit community and network with peers at the same time.

Volunteer – Network – Do Good

Our mission is to provide opportunities for young Metro-Detroiters to participate in the social and economic renaissance of the city.

  • Be a goal-oriented, highly-achieving group of young leaders who stay connected and produce tangible results through a fully collaborative, open and honest environment with alignment across all members
  • Maintain a strong brand presence in the community that is both contemporary and recognizable to current Wolverine Human Services efforts
  • Constantly build awareness and educate new audiences — always inspiring those who might not have been previously invested to action
  • Coordinate and participate in 10-15 successful, completed events each year

When you sign up for Fresh Era membership, you are gaining access to a community with all of the following opportunities to volunteer, network and do good in Detroit:

Why be a member?

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Socials + Professional Development
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We are seeking emerging leaders that are looking for impactful ways to volunteer, network and, most importantly, do good in the Detroit community.